The EVICAB Team would appreciate to receive feedback from the users.

General Comments

Please give general comments on EVICAB like:
  • Report if you find any bugs.
  • Give your opinion on the structure of the pages.
  • Inform any problems in downloading the videos.
  • What is the speed of your Internet connnection?

Students' Comments

The EVICAB students are encouraged to comment e.g. on:
  • The pedagogigal value of the lectures.
  • How much have you spent time on looking the videos of a course?
  • If there was a classroom course also available, how did you share your time between it and EVICAB?
  • What kind of learning material you would appreciate in Internet education?
  • Your opinion about Internet examination.

Please, visit also the "Be a Student?" Page.

Teachers' Comments

Teachers are encouraged to comment EVICAB as colleagues.
We would also be glad to receive your suggestions on courses which you would like to provide to EVICAB.

Please, visit also the "Be a Teacher?" Page.

Feedback Form

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